Tips for storing your collectible Stamps

Tips for storing your collectible Stamps

Storing your collectible stamps properly is the most important part of stamp collecting. If you don’t store them properly, they can lose value quickly! A once very valuable stamp can be reduced to no value in very little time. It is not difficult to store your stamps but there are certain procedures that you need to follow.

It is important to store your stamps in such a way so that they will not deteriorate. Like any other paper product, it is very susceptible to moisture. The oils from your fingers can start the deterioration process even if you have washed your hands carefully before handling. It is best to always use stamp tongs when picking up any collectible stamp. This is absolutely vital to keeping your stamp as pristine as possible!

You can store your stamps easily in glassine envelopes. You can also store them on stock cards. Whatever you do decide to store your stamps in, it is imperative that they be stored in a cool and dry environment. Too much humidity can quickly mold and destroy a stamp. A stamp should never be stored below 55 degrees or above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your stamps are more valuable, you may want to consider purchasing a stamp mount. These can be slightly more expensive than other storage methods but well worth the cost if your stamp is a rare find! These normally cost around ten cents per mount and come in different sizes and types. They can truly protect your investment.

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