Tips for Shopping for Antique Collectibles

For the collector

Shopping for antiques is not as easy at it sounds. It depends on what type of antique you’re looking for, to start with. Before starting off on this journey, watch shows like “Antique Roadshow” and read up on antiques. This will help you have a keen eye for good antiquities.

Let’s take the most generalized, which would be household items like chairs, teapots, tablets, furniture, etc. Start with yard sales in older neighborhoods. Older neighborhoods usually have generations of families, or left-over attic merchandise left over from previous owners.

Then next place to go to look for antiques are downtown stores, individually owned. You don’t want corporations just yet. They are usually a last resort, but I can assure you that antiques will be easier to find in smaller, unknown places. Many corporations don’t see antiques as profitable, so many pawn shops and charity stores will turn them away or hide them underneath other merchandise. The stores you are looking for downtown will be relatively easy to spot. These owners know antique merchandise and they specialize in it; however, don’t let that take away from your own judgment call.

Be smart when shopping for antiques. Look for dates, symbols, where it was made. If you have a phone with internet, search the internet for identifiable markings. Most importantly, however, will be to consult antiquity dealers and appraisers. Learn this subject before you set about looking for your type of collectible, whether it’s general household items or something specific like coins.

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