Appraisal Value Versus Market Value With Collectibles

Appraisal Value Versus Market Value With Collectibles

There are many types of collections that people have. Many times they will begin a collection on a whim because they like the way something looks. Later perhaps they begin to regularly purchase things to add to the collection because they are valuable. Then sometimes when people find themselves having a hard time financially they will look to sell off their collection to acquire the cash that is necessary.

Having your collection appraised by a specialist will tell you what the collection is worth based on age and availability. When you have your collection appraised you will be given a figure based on the this value. However, there can be a very big difference between the appraised value and market value. Just because you have been told the collection was appraised at $100 for example does not mean you will be able to sell it for that amount on the market.

Many different things will affect the price that you can get when you sell your collection. The amount you are paid will almost always be far less than the appraised value. If you sell your collection to a dealer for example you will be given a lower price as the dealer will then resell your collection and need to make a profit on the items. For this reason any time you sell your collection you can count on not receiving the appraised value.

While it may be a source of disappointment for you, your collection might be valued at a certain amount but you will likely never be given full value on the market.

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